Wine country minutes from LO LO MAI


Many people initially come to the area to visit Sedona, but find themselves falling in love with Page Springs, the part of Oak Creek where Lo Lo Mai rests. Oak Creek slows down a bit as it winds through the cottonwoods and sycamores that line the valley floor, but the river is kept moving and fresh by the 100+ artesian springs that gently flow into Oak Creek as it passes through Page Springs (Two of the largest are our own Lo Lo Mai and Turtle Springs). Some of the don’t miss attractions in Page Springs are:



Page Springs has become one of the fastest growing wine regions in Arizona.  With hundreds of acres now under vine, Page Springs CellarsJavelina Leap Winery, and Oak Creek Vineyard are all making delicious wines and have tasting rooms that are open year round. The wineries are about two miles from Lo Lo Mai, making us the perfect base to check out this beautiful and growing wine region.  For a primer on Northern Arizona Wineries (Page Springs Cellars in particular) check out the documentary Blood Into Wine.



Just over a mile down the road from Lo Lo Mai, the fish hatchery is a fun and beautiful trip. The hatchery provides crucial habitat for rare or declining species such as northern Mexican Gartersnake, Page Springsnail, and a rare species of caddisfly. It takes a staff of 10 people to run this facility which is the largest trout growing facility in Arizona. Page Springs raises more than 600,000 catchable rainbow trout, 50,000 brown trout, and around 100,000 rainbow fingerlings each year. Fish from this hatchery are distributed year-round all across the state.